Agriculture Trivia

This Trivia is provided as extra credit to students. It is due the Monday after it has been published to the web

and worth 10 points if you get it correct.

Write your answer on a piece of paper and turn it in to me with your name on it to get credit.

Have fun!


September 8, 2010

Question: An acre of land is about the same size as a _________________________?

Answer: A Football Field


September 20, 2010

Question: How many states in the US are Washington apples sold in?

Answer: 50


October 4, 2010

Question #1: Howmany countries are Washington apples sold in?

Answer #1: more than 50

Questions #2: When can we expect the 1st frost to happen in the Battle Ground area?

Answer #2: Mid-October


October 11, 2010

Question: What crop is the most grow crop in the United States?

Answer: Corn


October 18, 2010

Question: When is parent/teacher conferences?

Answer: October 28, 2010

Question: Should students attend parent/teacher conferences with their parents?

Answer: Yes


November 1, 2010

Question: What was the value of producation of grapes in Washington in 2007? (need a hint on where to find the answer? check out my useful links page - one of the links will lead you to the answer)

Answer: $172,203,000



November 15, 2010

 Question: When was the first Thanksgiving celebrated?

 Answer: 1621


Question: When did Thanksgiving become a legal holday?

 Answer: 1941


Question: What is your favorite thing about Thansgiving?

Answer: My favorite thing is my Mom's stuffing (made in the turkey) and the onion casserole.


December Questions:

Question: Where in the 2007, top 40 agriculture commodity ranking for Washington, do Christmas Trees fall? (check out my useful links)

Answer: Christmas Trees are 22nd

Question: When is your SAE project due?

Answer: January 21st

Question:  Please explain some of your family and cultural traditions for this time of the year to me.

Answer: First, thank you to those of you who shared your traditions. I feel enriched by learning your traditions. My family has a few things that they do every year. My sister carries on one of the cultural traditions - she makes the traditional German cookie, peppernut. It is a hard, anise flavored cookie that my great-grandmother brought from Germany with her when she moved. The batter sits for 2 weeks before being baked and then it is dunked in a coffee or tea to be eaten. We attend church on Christmas Eve with a candle-light service with "Silent Night" being the hymn to end the night. My family gets together on Christmas Day for dinner (we have a family dinner time of 3:00 pm - don't know where it came from, but it works). Then we open our gifts then. My husbnad and I still do Santa for our kids. The 2 older children don't believe anymore, but they stay quiet, as our younger child does still believe. Then, during the Christmas Break, my Mom and Sister and I get together to make rosette cookies. We have a girls day. The cookies are a simple egg and flour batter that is cooked using hot oil and a decorative iron. Mom has the iron set, so she gets to do the cooking! After the cookies are fried, they get dipped in sugar.


January 3, 2011

Question: What are the difference between ignious, sedimentary and metamorphic rocks?

Answer: Ignious rocks are formed from cooling lava. Sedimentary rocks form when debris falls to the bottom of lakes, rivers and creeks and eventually sements together. Metamorphic rocks form from one of the other 2 types of rock. They are changed from heat and pressure into something new.


February 28, 2011

Question: When is the last day of winter: